Adhesives on labels are transfer adhesives and as such never cure to a completely solid state like super glue for example.

There are a wide variety of adhesives that match particular surfaces/applications. A permanent adhesive works for most applications but for some special applications there are specialist adhesives:-

  • Permanent Acrylic– this is the general adhesive suitable for most applications and can be used internally and externally and works on temperatures between -30°C and + 110°
  • Ultratac – just as the name suggests an adhesive for use on difficult, known as low impact surfaces, that require something stronger.
  • 3M 468 High Performance Adhesive as you might think this is one of the ‘big boys’ offering a high performance adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Removable – another general purpose adhesive designed to be removed but not repositioned. Not suitable for use on delicate surfaces such as varnished wood or fabric finishes. Can gain permanency over time.
  • Ultradestructable – when a security solution is required these stickers are not reusable and will come away in tiny fragments if tried to be removed.
  • Static Cling – can be removed/repositioned or reapplied without damaging the surface (usually glass) – doesn’t become permanent. This format does not use adhesive.

All adhesives take a period of time to ‘cure’ to ultimate adhesion, the manufacturers recommend 48 hours.

When you have a project using any type of vinyl badges let us know what they will be used for so that we can ensure that the right adhesive can be matched to your project.