Storm provides a variety of suitable signage to work for your business. They are durable, eye catching and usually easy to install and use.


Statistics show that putting signs on your building can significantly increase the number of enquiries and therefore your sales. Clean clear building signage is one of the products we do at Storm.

Exterior building signage can be created on a variety of materials according to use and budget. Signs can be printed in one colour or full colour to work with your brand.

Interior building signage can be just as important – from small information signs such as ‘Reception upstairs’ to complete building directory signage Storm can provide the best product for your use. Interior building signage might also cover branded warning signs or branded information signs.


There are many different options to suit most budgets for temporary signs. Temporary signage promoting special events, temporary warning signs or to promote the sale of a house (estate agents boards) that can be attached to lampposts, fences or put on poles might use our fluted polypropylene in thicknesses of 4 or 6 mm.

Also available are building site signage to promote your construction/building or other related businesses on construction sites.

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Remember your signage is part of your brand message to the world. It may be the first time prospects come in contact with your business. It’s not just about signage on your building there is also signage around the building – parking signs and directional signs as well as internal signs. They all need to look clear, clean and properly branded.

“The signs are great – our patients loved them and said how easy it was to find us because of the great signage.”