We have been pleased and proud to have worked with Storm for a number of years. Our business means that we are often faced with very short deadlines so we need to work with suppliers who work with us to meet these targets. Storm is one of our key suppliers who has proved time and time again that they work as partners with their customers to achieve joint goals.

When we first used Storm we didn’t understand anything about printing, especially artwork requirements, four colour separations or how making small changes to sizes or use of colour could save us money. From our very first contact we were impressed with the patience of the Storm team and how they openly shared their knowledge and experience saving us from making some very costly errors.

We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

As resellers we are accountable to our customers. The products we buy from Storm form part of a bigger project that requires on-time delivery, keen prices and excellent quality. Storm has provided all three of these and works with us to ensure we keep our customers as happy as we are. We would be very pleased to talk to anyone personally who would like a verbal as well as this written testimonial.