Most businesses invest a lot of time and money in their brand making certain it keeps consistent in look, colour and general feel – some companies even have a brand manual to ensure that the brand is represented as it was designed to be. But sometimes brands feel a little flat, they need something extra – something that takes them to a whole new level.
Bubble badges or resin domes do just that. With the unique doming process they are able to lift a brand into a third dimension bringing it alive. Bubble badges are durable, flexible and an inexpensive way of making your brand into a 3D experience,
The flexibility of a bubble badge means it can be used across a wide range of formats. We have seen them used on Caravans often to highlight a special design or limited edition as well as cars for the same purpose. They are commonly seen on white goods around the home and computer consoles where a generic version of a product needs a simple cost effective branding solution.
The most complex bubble badge we produced involved a multi layered badge that looked amazing and really challenged our production team.
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