Part 1 how did I get into this?

A man went into a pub – it was Sunday – it had been a very busy week so he was looking forward to a quite drink and perhaps a chat with some of the locals. He had a few pints and was feeling pretty mellow when he heard his name called. Hey Bill (names have been changed to protect the innocent) you’ve got a pond haven’t you? Slightly puzzled and a little bemused he agreed yes we have a pond. “is it a decent size” well yes I would say so. “Good – there you go Roy, Bill will look after your fish won’t you?” Before he knew what was happening they were discussing dates and times for the fish to arrive, what he would need to look after them and approximately how long he would be ‘minding’ them until Roy moved into his new home.  At the last moment he did remember to ask how many there were – just 14 – 10 adults and 4 youths. As he strolled home he wandered what he had got himself into and what he needed to do next……..

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