part 2 How Big!

So D-Day arrives, it’s finally here the fish are arriving – we assume in a few bags in the back of a van. How wrong can we be, Roy’s arranged a fish doctor to transport them in a huge van with an aerated tank! Cups of tea distributed we proudly show him our newly resurrected pond with filtration unit, filter pond waterfall the works (we’ll ignore the fact its all running off an extention lead as the muppet electricians cut the wires off!). Dr Fishy looks around our masterpiece with a twitch developing as he says, ‘You do realise how many fish you are getting don’t you?’ ‘Yes’ we nod enthusiastically when in all honesty we haven’t got a clue! From memory it’s around 8 at 20cm or so max, we give away nothing. ‘Well, you’ll need the sponges from the old filter to give them a chance with some of their own bacteria’ ‘No problem’ we say nodding like one of those Churchill dogs in the back of the car with a fixed grin (grimace) on our face ‘We’ll run over to Roy’s and get them’.

Sponges in place, the fish are ready to be transported from beautifully aerated clean tank to their new, slightly murky, home. It’s a never ending stream of fishsocks (technical term apparently – goodness me we’re clueless!) with, well, quite frankly monsters in them! 14 in total, 12 adults ranging from around 40cm up to about 55cm with 2 home bread ‘babies’ at around 20cm long. Dr Fish is now ready to go, after he’s emptied his tank on our drive and we had to politely ask him to stop as it’s just flooded our kitchen…. His parting words, ‘Don’t be surprised if a few die, they’re not great at being moved!’
We stand agape looking at the pond where the fish have descended into the murky depths. Roy takes this as his cue to tootle off home with equally reassuring parting words, ‘You’ve got around £4.5k worth of fish there – enjoy!’
Peace descends on us as we look from the pond to each other back to the pond both thinking – Oh my God what have we taken on???
TBC – will they survive? What will our 50kg big brave German Shepherd do when he finally realises there’s something in the water?
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